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Rehab Training is...

Rehab training is focus on handling of movement dysfunction caused by injury and overuse. Exercise or physical training is focus on promoting physical fitness to adapt for specific sports or daily life activities.

Numerous researches proven that exercise training can:

1. Promote recovery;

2. Decrese the likehood of recurrence of injury.

3. Restore the proper function as like as uninjured.

4. Act as the most effective measures for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

Our Methods

With our unique rehab training programmes, we emphasise on the following:

1. Reactivation of the “disused” muscles (i.e Lazy muscles and they acts as a prime stabiliser) due to compensation, muscle imbalances and misalignment.

2. ​Proprioception can improve the variation of the sensory modality of touch that encompasses the sensation of joint movement (kinesthesia) and joint position (joint position sense). ​

3. Synchronization ​of the training format with “isolated muscle training” and “Integrated training” then transit from "open chain" to "close chain” exercises for restoring normal function. These approaches ACHIEVE THE FOLLOWINGS BELOW : 

a) Relieve any injury-related pain symptoms

b) Restoring range and strength of patients

c) Improve sense of proprioception in daily life or sports movement, lower the chance of injury fro improper movement

b) Cease the “viscous circle” of injury recurrence. 

The ultimate Goal of Rehab Training

An ultimate goal of Rehab Training takes you BEYOND REHABILITATION through effective training solution.


We are not only stressed on rehabilitation of an injured with restoration of original functions. We also pursuit of outreaching in terms of sports and functional performance.

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