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BeyondPro Rehab Studio

​Mission, Vision and Values


To be a leader in the sector of sports therapy by providing systematic and scientific services in evidence-based approach to the public and the peer of the industry.



To provide a holistic sports therapy services for enhancing sport performance and quality of life to general public.​



We act as an “para-clinical supporter” by bridging up the gap between allied health professionals and fitness professionals for enhancing sport performance and quality of life to general public.


We are a group of professionals that constituted by rehab specialists and sports therapists with allied health professionals as our consultant.  With our team, we design and implement various services by scientific, evidence-based and cutting-edge techniques in the scoop of sports therapy in order to cease the "vicious circle" of pain or injuries that caused in daily life or sports activities. 

We operate in a boutique-style that focus on sports therapy and aimed on enhancement of sports performance, injury prevention as well as improve the quality of functional movement in the daily life by unique, scientific and evidenced-based practices. In additions, we also provide on-site sports therapy services for athletes included team and individual sports.

Professional Accreditation

Our professionals are accredited by Society of Sports Therapists(SST), Sports Medicines Australia(SMA) and National Strength and Conditioning Association(NSCA).  

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